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Relatable and helpful guests!

The wide range of topics are really helpful for business owners! I love the mix of hearing stories from the guests while also learning a lot. I’m about to implement some of Liz’s tips on email marketing - that episode really helped make me want to stop ghosting my email list and overthinking storytelling in my emails!

What I needed to hear!

Just listened into the podcast with Chip Baker, love how he spoke of service. We need to fill up our tank everyday so we can be better leaders. And surround ourselves with high quality relationships. I agree, it’s everything. Thank you.

Amazing show!

I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!

So Valuable!

The topics discussed are so valuable and her guests are so insightful!

Perfect for entrepreneurs!

I'm learning so much from this podcast! Thanks for the great guests. Anika also has a wonderful voice.

Best podcast

Relatable stories for entrepreneurs at any point in their journey. Great!..........

Great guests & Fabulous Host

OMG! I recognize so many fascinating guests on Anika's pocast. A must listen for those wanting to improve their personal/company brands.


Great podcast.

Intriguing and educational segments!

Great guest, great tips, and relatable stories for entrepreneurs at any point in their journey.

Nice podcast for anyone starting a business

Anyone starting a business will get something out of this podcast. Several guests in different industries speak about the things that stalled them, the things that they wish they knew when they started, and they want to share. Listen and learn!

Awesome and Applicable Wisdom

Anika and her guests bring it when it comes to actionable advice and wisdom. If you are “out there” in the world, you will get something out of this podcast. If I could improve one thing with this podcast it would be the audio quality. It sounds like a Zoom call, and, a little too often, without the greatest internet connection. It sometimes distracts me from the excellent content.

Real Life Stories with Implementable Advice

Clear, succinct conversations relatable to any online creator. An enjoyable listen that’s also an investment in your business success.

Love Your Brand Amplified!

This podcast is always so engaging and insightful, and the guests are incredible


This podcast is really great, I truly enjoyed hearing from Anika and her guests. Each guest has so many interesting thoughts that will definitely help me with my future career.

You want to listen to this podcast!

Anika’s perspective accompanied by her tactical guests allow you to understand the evolution of PR, how it will continue to be interwoven with social media, and how to develop a personal brand organically yet strategically.

Anika & Stephanie Are Great!

Stephanie had so much insight to share on the benefits of manifesting the career you want. From morning routines to journaling, I’ve left the podcast with a sense of determination.

A great listen :)

Great energy and guest interaction! As someone who is new to PR, the conversations are engaging and informative. Definetly, will stay tuned in!!!

Amplifying to Make a Difference!

Anika brings the “big guns” with strategic tips and tricks straight from marketers, publicists, and brands. Can’t wait to binge listen to see what more I can incorporate to amplify my brand!

Amplifying You and Your Business Through Every Episode!

Anika brings to light important topics and tips that will help boost your business! Can’t wait to binge listen to learn even more knowledge from her and her guests.

Great Diversity

I greatly enjoyed listening to this podcasts. I'm a new listener but have enjoyed each episode! I like the and appreciate the different perspectives each guests brings and listening in on discussions revolving around trends in the industry. Each guest has a lot of valuable experience and insight that each listener can benefit from!

A MUST listen to Podcast!!!

I just listened to my very first podcast from Anika titled, “Saul Colt: Don’t Make Your Marketing Boring,” and must I say I am obsessed. I learned so much from her roughly 40-minute podcast about marketing then I have from taking numerous marketing courses at my university! My overall takeaways from the podcast were that the most important facet to successful marketing strategies are to be authentic. Moreover, Colt was saying how brands do not use the data of taking our personal information (such as our birthdays, names, etc.) to their advantage as a way to create personal relationships with customers. I never actually thought about how many times I have actually handed over my personal privacy to certain brands and companies and have never gotten something in return- in fact, I just get my inbox flooded by BOGO deals. My favorite part about the podcast was listening to Colt’s company's’ success from their sky writing marketing idea as a way to promote a cloud-based service, and how they hired 5 planes to write over a 9-mile radius right on top of the AT


I absolutely love the content Anika creates and the questions she asks her guest. Her show really brings ALOT value and you can tell it’s intentionally planned and created!

Upbeat and smart

Anika’s positive outlook and thoughtful questions bring out the best in all of her guests. This is a podcast to pay attention to!

Amplify anika!

I love following Anika’s podcasts! Anika is very positive and genuine about supporting career women. Keep them coming!

H Henry

Anika has her finger on the pulse of current trends, and serves up relevant topics in a highly relatable way. Keepin it fresh!


For anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset or looking to get into that mindset, THIS is the podcast for you. Real conversations and real "rags to riches" stories of how some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs became who they are today. The tips and strategies I've heard so far have the potential to be life altering in the best of ways.

Anika is amazing!

I was recently introduced to Anika and she had me on her podcast. She’s not only extremely outgoing and fun but also incredibly smart and you will get TONS of value from listening to her on the show as well as taking in her PR wisdom! She is someone you want to follow, know, and work with!

Love this content!

Anika is an engaging host and gets some tremendous value out of her guests. This content will give you a solid understanding of what it takes to effectively grow your brand and maximize your efforts. Highly recommend subscribing and binging this podcast today!


Anika is hosting a powerful podcast here. Great energy and inspiring guest. Highly recommend.


I find each episode to be intriguing and valuable. This is the type of content that entrepreneurs need to hear from each other to connect and grow. Very grateful to Anika for providing this space.