March 9, 2023

Rising with Rogelio Rodriguez: A Marine-Turned-Growth Marketer's Story

Rising with Rogelio Rodriguez: A Marine-Turned-Growth Marketer's Story

Rogelio Rodriguez is a former Marine and visionary entrepreneur. He has built multiple multimillion dollar businesses and is a platinum tier HubSpot certified partner. He specializes in lead gen and growth marketing, leveraging technology and AI to help his clients reach their goals.

Rogelio Rodriguez had always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and G.I. Joe. After joining the Marine Corps and getting deployed, he and his business partner started their own online business. Through SEO, he was able to manipulate the search engine and attract people to his website. After his transition from the military, Rogelio faced difficulty adjusting to civilian life, but with help he was able to succeed and help others to do the same. He teaches marketing and works with a company to generate leads and help customers with their growth. His three words to live by are to educate, engage, and empower.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How Rogelio Rodriguez leveraged search engine optimization to build his business from scratch.
2. The challenges of transitioning from a military occupation to the civilian world.
3. The process of leading a successful lead generation program. for more information!

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