March 2, 2023

Unlocking Authentic Communication: Teresa Easler Helps Businesses Connect

Unlocking Authentic Communication: Teresa Easler Helps Businesses Connect

Teresa Easler is the founder of Connect to the Core, a communication and strategy consultancy. She has been an entrepreneur for many years, helping clients distill their brand, communicate their message and solve their customers' problems.

Teresa Easler was guided by her teachers and mentors to pursue communication. She then worked in a corporate job, which led her to learn the importance of communication in the workplace. Taking a leap of faith, Teresa and her husband moved to a new country and started their own business. She found success in helping her clients communicate their messages, focusing on the problems they were trying to solve. Despite having to prove her worth, Teresa's communication skills and methodologies enabled her to help a company win a $35 million RFP pitch. Taking a chance paid off and Teresa is now a successful entrepreneur.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Unlocking the power of relational communication - How can shifting the focus away from product and service features towards a problem-solving approach set a company apart?
2. Overcoming the fear of entrepreneurship - What are some practical strategies for taking the leap into entrepreneurship when there is no safety net?
3. Crafting a compelling message - How can one develop an authentic and powerful message that resonates with the intended audience?

Check out this "scorecard" where listeners can rate themselves in the nine common characteristics of highly effective public speakers and good communicators. You will begin to understand where your skills might need a little TLC and you will also receive Teresa's 9 Secret Strategies Checklist for tips and tricks to get started. All complimentary of course!

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